5 Ideas to Hold All Those Valentines

Valentine’s Boxes

While I’m not one of those people who prepares for Valentine’s Day the moment Christmas is over, I have noticed that preparations are underway for the most loving of holidays. It just so happens that, while I’m currently fixated on Chinese New Year, I have been keeping an eye out for potential Valentine’s Day crafts. What’s caught my eye this year isn’t so much projects as receptacles for taking those Valentine’s home. Here are some ideas that caught my fancy.

Heart Valentine Holder from Buggy and Buddy

Heart Valentine Holder from Buggy and Buddy

If, like me, you live in California, you may have to pay for your brown paper bags. Or you may have access to brown butcher paper. I love the simplicity of these bags. Even if you skipped the painting these bags would still look great.

Valentine’s Mailboxes from Blue Cricket Design

These envelopes require a little more dressing, which is fine because they don’t ask you to do much assembly. Here they use scrapbooking paper, but it’s not necessary. Go simpler with red and pink construction paper, and a little crazier with the hearts.

Heart Printed Paper Bags from Teach Me Mommy

Three words: Toilet. Paper. Rolls.

Paper Plate Valentine Bag Crafty Morning

Paper Plate Valentine Bag Crafty Morning

I like any project that involves sewing, even if it is a simplified form. For some of my students, this is a no-brainer, but for others, I like to constantly reinforce this practical life skill. How do they attach two separate items together? By sewing, of course!

Felt Valentine Envelopes from Snap Creativity

Felt Valentine Envelopes from Snap Creativity

Speaking of sewing, this year I plan to put my large supply of felt to good use. We’ll be making envelopes for our Valentine’s. The pattern for the envelope above is small, so we’ll enlarge it to suit our purposes. I know my class of sewers will have a blast. Maybe they’ll even use the envelopes again next year!

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6 Valentine’s Day Art Ideas That Inspire

Valentine's Day Art Projects

Another holiday arrives! February may be the shortest month, but this year, we’re packing in the holidays. Yesterday was Groundhog Day (he predicted six more weeks of winter, in case you were curious), and we’ve got Valentine’s and Chinese New Year screaming up fast behind. Here are a few ideas to inspire the artists in your classroom:

From Deep Space Sparkle

Patti from Deep Space Sparkle always has great ideas–I love these woven hearts made from Painted Paper and incorporating Picasso. What I really like, however, is that these hearts are large–placemat sized, in fact–so I may use them to make Valentine’s bags for my students.

From Buggy and Buddy

We did these chalk pastel on black paper heart pictures last year and glued them to front of manila envelopes. Then–voila!–instant mailbags. The kids did a simple chain stitch with yarn to create a handle for their mailbags, too. Simple, but lovely.

From Mrs. Jahner’s Art Room

I’d like to work more with clay and this spiral looks fun and easy. I bet it looks great with the glaze!

From Martha Stewart

Anything that catches the light is guaranteed to appeal to me. This project would incorporate Practical Life skills, too, since ironing is part of the process.

From Veetje

These button hearts and frames are from a Dutch site, and I love the intensity of the colors. It would be easy enough to find inexpensive wooden frames to paint. However, I’ve never had much luck locating cheap sources of buttons.

From Art is Basic

I’ve been collecting styrofoam meat trays to be used to create etchings for printing plates. These Valentine’s ones look awfully fun, don’t they?

There are plenty of Valentine’s Day art projects out there! Check out these selections too: