Flexible Seating: Students Get Comfy While They Work

I’ve been exploring “flexible seating” options lately, which I’ve learned is not a phrase meaning my students get to move from seat to seat like a teacher’s nightmare of work-time somehow devolving into an uncontrollable game of musical chairs. I have precisely three options for flexible “seating” in my classroom at the moment and they are:

  • a carpet
  • a dish chair from Target
  • one “Wiggle Seat“, a two-sided inflatable seat cushion that the students either love or hate

There are many options for students who either have difficulty working at a desk or just prefer to have more choices. As much as possible, I allow my students to work at the carpet, outside, in our dish chair or hanging upside down so long as it helps them concentrate. In certain cases, work requires certain posture. Handwriting, for example, is always done at a desk, as posture and the position of the arm and the hand are part of the work of the child.

This post is a roundup of some of the flexible seating options I’d like to be able to offer in my classroom, and why they’re attractive to me. You could say it’s a wishlist of sorts, but it’s more my findings after researching the various options online, seeing what’s offered in other Montessori classrooms, and my own personal experiences as a student. Please share any feedback!

Wiggle Seat Inflatable Sensory Chair Cushion for Kids in Red by Sensory Solutions

Along with my classroom, I inherited one Wiggle Seat. Through the years, it’s served me well. I’ve gone through a number of systems for having my students share it, but I’m ready to add to my collection. The funny thing about the Wiggle Seat is how some students ADORE it and some CANNOT STAND it, and it’s never the students I expect. It’s also customizable–you can inflate or deflate it to the right amount of air and put the bumpy or “less bumpy” side up.

Kids Stay-N-Play Balance Ball in Grey by Gaiam

I know there are classrooms with ordinary balance balls in them–my classroom will never be one of them. This five-footed adaptation is the perfect compromise. It’s bouncy, but it doesn’t roll around like its footless cousin. I imagine there’d be stiff competition over this beauty.

17 Inch Glow Stool in Red by Regency

You know those kids who lean back in their chairs no matter how many times you tell them not to? This stool is for them. It gives them 360 degree tipping power without you worrying about their heads meeting solid ground. Go ahead, Bobby. Tip away.

Back Jack Floor Chair in Standard Size in Black

I love Back Jacks. They’re absolutely perfect for floor work, especially if you need to sit for a long time. I’m someone who needs the support for their back. I personally hate stools and always sit against the wall when I teach at the carpet. Plus, having a few of them would be a great way to instantly form a small group for a lesson.

And to go with those Back Jacks? These red lap desks:

Lap Tray in Red by Romanoff

Last up is these plastic rockers:

Plastic Scoop Rocker (Pack of 6) by Kid’s Kraft

As soon as I saw these rockers, I immediately pictured my students using them. Unfortunately, it appears that my older students wouldn’t fit them, so I’m looking for a larger alternative (hopefully not made of plastic). But can’t you just picture a slew of students happily rocking away in them? Yeah, me too.

The opportunities don’t end there. You can include tall desks for students who prefer to stand while they work, bean bag chairs for those who want to be completely enveloped, laundry baskets and other plastic tubs for “book boats” or my personal favorite, Kinesthetic Pedal Desks. Yes, that’s right. Your students can pedal while they work.

In the meantime, please make sure you stop by Room 6. Lizzy’s been hard at work making her room fit the Flexible Seating model. She has incorporated some of the ideas you see here, plus some ideas of her own!


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