Holiday Gift Ideas: A Book and a Present


I’m a firm believer in books making the best presents. After all, they’re the gift that keeps on giving! However, sometimes it’s nice to pair books with a little something extra, just to enrich the experience. That’s the purpose of this post. I’ve gathered together a shopping list of some charming book titles and some gifts you might give along with them to make both presents more meaningful. I tried to span ages and interests, so I hope there’s something here for everyone!


World War I History Pack

Ages: 8 and up


Dinosaur Gift Pack

Age: Any!
  • Dinosaur vs. School by Bob Shea (any book in this series will appeal to fans of the Pigeon or Elephant and Piggie books)
  • Dinosaur! by Smithsonian (considered to be the most complete dinosaur reference–for the the older dinosaur lover)
  • Carnivorous Dinosaur TOOB (I know from recent personal experience that this TOOB can provide hours of endless entertainment for the three-year-old dinosaur enthusiast. Plus–it comes with a handy carrying case. Score!)


Sewing Pack

Age: 7 and up
  • Kids Learn to Stitch by Lucinda Guy (easy-to-follow instructions, patterns and projects that will be attractive to children; I have a copy for my classroom)
  • Individual Sewing Basket from Montessori Services (Or it’s easy to assemble your own. I did.)
  • Throw in a couple of assorted colors of felt and embroidery floss for kids to start sewing right away! The sewing kit from Montessori Services has everything else they’ll need.


Comic Book Drawing Pack

Ages: 6 and up


Women in Science Pack

Age: Any


Movie Maker’s Pack

Age: 6 and up


Art Gift Pack

Age: 5 and up
  • Picture Pie by Ed Emberly (This is Ed Emberly’s book on how to make pictures with fractions of a circle. I just discovered it and I’m so excited to explore it!)
  • Stabilio CarbOthello Pastel Pencils (Pastel pencils are chalk pastels’ much neater cousins. I love them since they can be sharpened like pencils, but have the smudgy effect of chalk. They look especially vibrant on black paper.)
  • Glitter paint pens from Art District (These glitter pens are a fun purchase for the art-minded child, but beware; the ink will run out fast.)
  • Canson Mixed Media Notebook (Canson Mixed Media Notebooks are my current favorite art books. I like the weight of the paper and the price.)
  • Flora and Crystal Kaleidographs (these are made to be used to create kaleidoscope-91a8kmwjcvl-_sl1500_like images. I use them as stencils. It’s your choice!)
  • Faber-Castell Gel Crayons (pictured right) are amazing and lots of silky-smooth art fun. Grab a pack so you and your young artist can experience this new medium.

That’s it for me! I hope there’s something here to inspire you!


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