Mixed Bag Fundraiser Book Wish List

Mixed Bag catalogs went home last week! For those of you left in this world that don’t know about the Mixed Bag Fundraiser, I do it to raise money for books for the classrooms. Every year new and exciting books are published and I believe classroom libraries should be living and growing things, especially as we teachers work to create children who grow in to adults who love books.

Just to get you excited about some of the books you can help us add to our classrooms, I thought I’d show you some of the exciting titles we’d love to share with your children.


Botanicum is the latest addition to Big Picture Press’ Welcome to the Museum series. Last year’s Mixed Bag fundraiser allowed us to purchase Historium, Maps, and Animalium, all of which are equally gorgeous and fabulously illustrated. Maps is particularly wonderful and I can’t wait until The Story of Life is published in the United States.

Writer’s Toolbox Series

The Writer’s Toolbox series introduces writing to children in language they can understand, with appealing illustrations and step-by-step instructions. The books don’t take the place of the lessons we give, but enhance them. They can even inspire students to explore new areas of writing in their free time.

On Earth

A sweetly illustrated discussion of our planet, On Earth discusses some of our planet’s most difficult to grasp concepts in simple, easy-to-understand ways. I particularly enjoy the dichotomous illustration of night and day:

Feathers: Not Just for Flying

If you have ever explored the natural world with a young child, you probably have experienced their fascination with feathers. Feathers: Not Just for Flying explores the many functions these gorgeous appendages offer the avian world, and does it with words and illustrations:

Tiny Creatures: The World of Microbes

Tiny Creatures: The World of Microbes is actually a book I saw at a Montessori Conference. It’s an introduction to all those tiny organisms we can’t see with the naked eye–which can engender curiosity about microscopes. It also discusses how things that appear to happen invisibly are only really invisible to the naked eye–like microbes breaking food down into compost and turning milk into yogurt.

Somewhere in the World Right Now

It was actually the endpaper that caught my eye with Somewhere in the World Right Now. It features a time zone map of the entire world, and it’s a good thing it does, because that’s the topic of the book. It explores what’s happening at the same exact moment around the world.

National Geographic Kids World Atlas

I’m also hoping for two more of the National Geographic Kids World Atlases. We have a few others in the room, but this is the one I like best. It continually proves to be the best resource for us. I’d love to have a few more on hand!

But maybe you should ask your children. What books would they like to see in the classroom?

Don’t forget!

Mixed Bag orders are due this Friday, September 30.

If you prefer to shop online or have out-of-town friends or family, MSO also gets 40% of your online purchase at Mixed Bag! Visit the Friends and Family Fundraising Page and enter MSO’s fundraising code:



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