Room 2 (Renee’s) Classroom Wishlist II

Classroom Wishlist

All teachers have wishlists, so when it was suggested that I post some of my colleagues’ (and not just my own), I jumped at the chance. It’s not just an opportunity to peek into the needs of each classroom, but it’s a fun way to learn about awesome new materials.

 ~~All wishlist items are linked through the images~~

Large Outdoor Blackboard Daisies from Nasco

These outdoor blackboard daisies hail from England (although, don’t worry, the link takes you to a retailer in the United States). I have to agree with Renee that they would be adorable and fun in her yard. Chalk art is one of those consistently enjoyable childhood past times, and the petals provide a perfect frame for their temporary yard art masterpieces.

Music Wall from Sam Houston Elementary School

If you’ve never visited a playground with an outdoor music station, you’re missing out. I love this homemade version that Renee provided, but I do know that some playground equipment companies, like Schoolscapes, Nature’s Instruments, and Meyer Design make prefabricated versions.

Outdoor Balance Scale from ABC Does

As soon as I saw this weighing (or balancing) station, I could picture Renee’s students using it! It has a simple design but is capable of providing endless fascination in the form of experimentation, especially for those exploring the world. If Renee gets nothing else on her list, I hope she gets this.

Colored Bead Chains with Rack from Pink Montessori

The Colored Bead Chains are an essential Montessori material. We use them to:

  • Reinforce linear counting
  • Introduce skip counting
  • Introduce multiples
  • Teach squares and cubes

This is some of the foundational work that prepares our students for understanding the more complex mathematical concepts they’ll face in their Upper Elementary, Middle and High School years.

Gift Certificate from Montessori Print Shop

Gift Certificate from Montessori Outlet

Of course, a teacher’s work is never finished, which is why gift certificates to Montessori Print Shop and Montessori Outlet are also on Renee’s wish list.

Happy last week of school!


2 thoughts on “Room 2 (Renee’s) Classroom Wishlist II

  1. Sandra Congdon says:

    Good Morning,

    The outdoor blackboard daisies link to a company in Australia, not the US. Do you have a US supplier?


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