A Peek at Student Showcase

All the classrooms are wrapping up the year with their stunning Student Showcase projects. I thought I’d take the opportunity to offer you a glimpse at the work in progress before you see the amazing final products tomorrow night. It’s an event not to be missed! If this post doesn’t convince you of that, maybe a few photos will…


Caterpillar and Ladybug Art at The Absorbent Teacher

Room 4 -Infant Program-Teacher:  Jeannette Luna

The students have been learning about nature and different habitats, so to finish out the school year, we have made beautiful toe-print caterpillars on leaf rubbings. Nature art at its best!

Parts of a butterfly book at The Absorbent Teacher

Room 3 -Pre-Kindergarten-Teacher: Jenny Lang

Room 3 has been learning about butterflies! Come by and see their awesome “parts of the butterfly” books.

Sewing Leaf Insets on Burlap at The Absorbent Teacher

Room 2 – Pre-Kindergarten-Teacher:  Renee Warner

Each student  is celebrating our Botany lesson with an embroidered leaf shape on burlap.  They are very proud of their work!

Room 1 -Pre-Kindergarten- Teacher:  Janet Lindquist Lang

Room 1 has been studying visualization through the camera lens and students are proudly displaying their photography work. Stop by and discover!

Dinosaurs by Room 6 at The Absorbent Teacher

Room 6 -Lower Elementary -Teacher:  Liz Cossairt

Our Dinosaur Dioramas are a window into the three periods of the Mesozoic Era.  You will agree: the dinosaurs and murals are amazing!

Clay California Missions at The Absorbent Teacher

Room 8 -Upper Elementary-Teacher:  Ruby Cossairt

Following their study of  the Missions, students have created clay models of the Santa Barbara Mission.American History Table at The Absorbent Teacher

Room 9 -Middle School

Teachers: Libby Hawkins & Kirsten Dalto

The Middle School has prepared Living Statues from the American Revolution. They have chosen significant figures from this time period to learn about.  Ask them their name and watch them come alive!


Art – Colleen McDougal

See the amazing robots the children have made from recycled materials!

Art – Vic Schiro

Mr. Vic’s goal is to advance the children’s innate curiosities and observations of the natural world through the use of high-quality watercolor materials augmented with oil pastels.  The children learn the basics of color (the color wheel) and grow their technical skills throughout the school year. Come see the beautiful watercolors!

Cooking – Sara MacCracken

Thanks to a gracious donation from Driscoll’s we have been cooking & baking with lots of berries! We made raspberry blondies, blackberry breakfast cookies & raspberry sorbet. Today we are featuring dinosaur cookies with strawberry cream cheese frosting. Eat em’ up!

Animal Husbandry –  Stan Schneider

Students will be walking around this evening with  Amber (one of our miniature horses), and Franky and Billy, our pygmy goats.

Garden –  Jon Ellis

Samples of produce from the school garden are available.  Talk to Jon about his vision for the future of the MSO garden and how the curriculum is presented to our students.

Sign Language – Lisa Batchelder-Hetrick

This year the children in Rooms 1,2,3, and 6 have been learning the basics of A.S.L. We have had lots of fun learning through the use of songs, stories, games and activities.

Please join us:

5:00-7:00 on Friday, June 10


Comments are appreciated and desired, so thanks for leaving one!

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