End-of-2016 Classroom Wishlist for Room 9 (Middle School!)

End-of-Year Classroom Wishlist

The Middle School’s wishlist is, perhaps, a little different for those of you who are looking for the traditional Montessori items. The classroom has an entirely different flavor from any Early Childhood room and, of course, their needs are different. Take a look at some of the items showing up on their end-of-year wishlist:

Timeline of American History Research Cards

ETC Montessori, as I’ve mentioned before, is an excellent resource for those working with the upper grades. When we visited their booth at the conference in the spring, my Middle School colleague was excited to hear that they would be expanding their M/S emphasis and publishing some of their work as iBooks. The American History Research Cards pictured above are one such item. I love the idea! It makes the material more affordable and easily accessible. Of course, you can’t go wrong with a manipulative like the working Timeline of American History:

or the American Presidents nomenclature cards:

One of the hardest parts of teaching the writing process is teaching students how to outline. Once the thoughts start flowing, the next step is organizing them. Reading Manipulatives has created a work designed to help students develop this skill, first by practicing with provided thoughts, and then moving, step by step, toward creating an outline using the framework.

Outlining Manipulatives

Clocca Concepts is a small company I discovered at the annual Montessori Conference the year before last, when I purchased their Punctuation Boxes. They make a few other materials for very specific skills, one of which has caught our Middle School Math teacher’s eye–their Coordinate Graph Curriculum:

The Coordinate Graph Curriculum includes a 19”x19” coordinate graph, 2-colored wooden markers, 3-level command cards, and nomenclature cards. This curriculum provides students and teachers with a hands-on approach to understand and practice those concepts.

That’s it for Middle School. Their needs are few (and many)! Look out for more end-of-year wishlist posts from my fellow MSO teachers.

See anything that strikes your fancy?


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