End-of-2016 Classroom Wishlist for Room 8

End-of-Year Classroom Wishlist

One last wish list before summer! In my continual quest to improve my classroom and my teaching, I’m always on the lookout for inspiring new material. In March, you may recall, I went to the American Montessori  Society Conference in Chicago. I purchased a few items and added three (four? five?!) times that many to my wishlist. This year, I also finally invested in a personal laminator. BEST DECISION EVER!

Original Buddha Board

I’ve wanted a Buddha Board in my classroom since forever, but because I’m doing Japan for Summer Camp, this really seems like the time to invest. The board allows the user to paint with water, which means the image will disappear once it dries. It’s a practice in letting go, impermanence and all of those life skills which are challenging for children and adults.

Complete Set of Control Charts for the Biome Puzzles

This year, I was able to invest in Waseca’s new Biome Stencils and, while I’d love to get the accompanying Puzzle Map Cabinet, it clocks in at around $600. That’s just slightly outside of my budget. In the meantime, I’d like these control charts for the Biome Puzzles. They’ll just bring us one step closer to completing our collection.

3-Part Card Pouches from Montessori Materials by Request

I recently made a set of 3-Part Cards for the California Missions and I’d love to have a set of these pouches to keep all of my nomenclature material. I actually saw them at the conference and really liked them. (Of course, mine would be all red!) The woman who makes these is actually AMI trained and she does special orders. I’d also love the pouches for my Maitri Learning Land and Water cards.

Number Line Extensions from ETC Montessori

As the work itself explains, we’re learning more every day about the important role the imaginary number line plays in math, especially when students are making the leap from concrete to abstract. And since many of my Upper Elementary students are focusing on just that transition, I was very excited to see this new Number Line Extension work from ETC Montessori at the Conference this year. Even better, the number lines work with both whole numbers and fractions.

It’s been a wonderful school year. I’m always sad and excited to see a year end, but I know I’ll see most of you after the summer! Look out for more end-of-year wishlist posts from my fellow MSO teachers.

See anything that strikes your fancy?


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