Classroom Wishlist IV

Classroom Wishlist

Another wish list!

Snack Cards from Montessori Services

I’ve been looking for just such a set of cards. I love that these set of instructions not only have words, but pictures. No explanation necessary!

California Missions Collector Cards from Amazon

We will be embarking on our California Missions unit this spring, and I’d love to have a set of these collector cards to enhance the students’ exploration of this important (and controversial) period in the state’s history. There’s a similar product called “Key Facts about the California Missions” that I wouldn’t sneeze at either.

Keva Brain Builders

I actually spotted the Junior Keva Brain Builders MindWare set at Aaron Brothers first (and to be honest, I’d like that one, too), but I knew these puzzle cards would be an instant hit with my students the moment I saw them. Not to mention the intense concentration they’d induce–and I’m all about concentration!

Country and Continent Stamps from ebay

These International Rubber Stamps apparently used to be available through the Girl Scouts organization, but are now only available on ebay. Obviously it’s not a complete collection of countries, but it is a delightful start, and the set provides a blank stamp for them to design their. Since Room 8 is beginning group poster projects on different countries of their choice, I think they’d have fun with these–and with a little passport work.

100th Monkey Mushroom Farm – Shitake Mushroom Log Kit

The students asked if we could grow mushrooms in the classroom. Since I try to sprout wheat grass every spring, I’m not against the idea. Actually–I find fungi to be fascinating–so I’ve been reading up on it. I’m unlikely to buy a kit, especially since the students probably won’t eat anything we grow. My research has revealed that you can grow mushrooms for next to nothing, using spores and coffee grounds. But how cool would it be to grow mushrooms in a log?!

See anything that strikes your fancy?


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