Cool Montessori Infographics

Cool Montessori Infographics Collage

Are you familiar with infographics? The official definition (according to Oxford Dictionaries) is:


noun: infographic; plural noun: infographics; noun: info-graphic; plural noun: info-graphics
  1. a visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data.
    “a good infographic is worth a thousand words”

For me, though the contextual example is spot on, this definition doesn’t quite fit. Infographics are visual, it’s true, but only in part. They’re half visual, half textual, and 100% a great way to communicate a lot of information quickly.

Today I thought I’d feature a couple of wonderful Montessori infographics I’ve come across on the web. Some ingenious fellow Montessori bloggers have taken their graphic design skills and hybridized them with their knowledge of Montessori in clever ways. I love to see infographics that get at the heart of things I am most passionate about.

What Makes an Activity “Montessori”?

by Rachel

This is a great question, and one I consider constantly when I am creating work for students or deciding whether to buy a new one. I also like to read this list and reflect on the ways that these principles remain true no matter what age I teach–even as I identify the subtle shifts that we elementary teachers need to make in order to work with older ages.

The Spiral of the Montessori Curriculum

by Myrtlewood Montessori

This infographic show some of my favorite aspects of Montessori education–the way that it builds foundations for later learning, the way that it moves from concrete to abstract, and the way that it fits a variety of different learners. Not to mention ages.

Two-Hour Work Cycle


This infographic not only shows a sample two-hour work cycle, but cites sources. If that’s not taking infographery (a word I just invented) to the next level, I don’t know what is.

The Secret of Childhood: An Infographic on Following the Child

by North American Montessori Center

Essentially a crash course in one of Dr. Montessori’s best known books, The Secret of Childhood, this infographic was created by North American Montessori Center, where I did some of my training. It’s just enough to whet the appetite and draw you in for a closer look.

And now here’s my first foray into infography. If that’s a word. (It it isn’t, I’m claiming coinage rights). I decided to simplify my post on the Three Period Lesson into one simple infographic. It can’t take the place of a longer explanation (so I seriously hope I’m not putting my own blog out of business), but here it is:

Montessori Three Period Lesson

by The Absorbent Teacher

montessori-three-period-lesson (1)

I hope you’ve enjoyed these infographics. As you can see, they’ve inspired me to make my own. What would you like to see in infographic form?


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