8 Ideas for Celebrating Hanukkah

Hanukkah Activities

It’s Winter Holiday Week here at The Absorbent Teacher!

Last night was the final night of Hanukkah. For those of you unfamiliar with the Jewish winter holiday, please see my post from last year Celebrating Hanukkah the Classroom (and Out). The post has a bit of an explanation about the holiday, along with a few book recommendations, foods for the holiday and some activities to try, including the rules for playing dreidel. If you’re curious, please do check it out! If not, I did find this cute infographic:

This time around, I thought I’d explore some crafts appropriate for the holiday. Hanukkah colors are traditionally blue and white or blue and silver, so there’s not room for movement there. Symbols include the dreidel, the Star of David (which is a six-pointed star), and the menorah. Candles are often used to represent the holiday as well, since we light them to mark each night.

The easiest and most basic craft for celebrating Hanukkah in the Montessori classroom is the Star of David. If you’re not familiar with this particular Jewish symbol, it’s easy to make using the triangle inset. It’s easier to use the inset than the frame.

Sharpie on tinfoil is always a good look. These ornaments also involve texture, which I love. You could also poke holes in the tinfoil to let a little light through.

This dreidel game bag is kind of like a stitching sampler. I like the idea of making a simple bag–what an easy sewing project! It’s also a great way to store your Chanukah accoutrements until the next year.

This paper menorah is bright and colorful. The instructions sound a little fiddly and involve a lot of tape, but it would be a nice keepsake.

Chocolate dreidels would obviously be a big hit. If you can get these DIY dreidels to the finished stage (ingredients include marshmallows and Hershey’s Kisses), they make look pretty on a plate for a few minutes.

Hanukah decorations are hard to find. I like these dreidel lights because they’re elegant.

Assembling this Gelt Connect 4 requires a bit of rejiggering, but I think it just might be worth it.

Dreidel Toast Tangrams are just about the most exciting thing I’ve come across in my search for Chanukah craftivities. I know we’re not supposed to encourage children to play with their food, but how cute are these?

Of course, challah is one of the best things about Jewish meals, and bread is a fantastic way to cook with children. The menorah is fun, but the dreidel is my preference here. Each student could make their own dreidel and voila–instant proportioning.

Dreidel and Menorah Challah

Check out Bible Belt Balabusta, a blog with numerous ideas about sharing and celebrating Jewish holidays and culture. Ideas aren’t limited to Hanukkah! There’s plenty to find there, so make sure you have time when you visit.

Finally, I’m going to leave you with this:




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