12 Reasons to Choose Montessori

12 Reasons to Choose Montessori

‘Tis the season…to count your blessings. Some fellow teachers and I were talking about about our appreciation for the Montessori Method. What are the things that stand out for us? That conversation inspired this post. Here are twelve wonderful reasons to choose Montessori:

  1. Individualized education allows students to develop their strengths andIMG_0215 work on their weaknesses.
  2. Montessori schools teach to the whole child, addressing social and emotional needs as well as academic ones. We also acknowledge the intertwining relationships between all three needs.
  3. Peace education is incorporated into everything we do, from conflict resolution to teaching tolerance.
  4. Students learn at their own pace, at a level that is appropriate for them. If they excel in Math, but require a slower pace with reading, we have the time, energy and space in our curriculum to make those accommodations.
  5. IMG_0214The use of concrete materials solidifies and clarifies concepts in students’ minds so they can more easily transfer them to the abstract.
  6. Learning is child-led. Teachers observe and seize the moment while it’s hot (so the students take off like wildfire).
  7. Children are provided with opportunities and an environment in which they can do for themselves. This allows them to build confidence in their abilities. The child is constructing his characterIMG_0212 through continuous experiences in the classroom and outdoors. The teachers realize that the children have to do the work for themselves, and act as guides along the journey.
  8. Practical Life! Students learn valuable life skills that last them the rest of their lives.
  9. Insets! Part fine motor work, part art, part helping to polarize the IMG_0216attention or focus, even the teachers love sitting down to do the occasional inset.
  10. Montessori’s hands-on learning experiences encourage children to develop a life-long love of learning.
  11. Montessori teachers capitalize on students’ natural, internal desire to learn, and a system of logical consequences rather than a reward/punishment system.
  12. Mixed age classrooms allow students to act as peer tutors to reinforce skills they’ve already learned.

Why do you Montessori?


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