6 Thanksgiving Art Ideas That Inspire

With Thanksgiving a week away, I’ve been searching for Thanksgiving art projects that don’t make me cringe. I tend to dislike those cheesy hand turkeys and, indeed, my students have outgrown much of the hand-based art that’s popular among the younger crowd. I’ll share with you first the project I did last year, which was a big hit with my students:

Draw a Mayflower Ship from Art Projects for Kids

Drawing the Mayflower was a bit of a challenge for some of my students, but they enjoyed it immensely. I let them choose between chalk pastel and crayon. It was a bit of an experiment, but really it’s the project that made me want to look for a really good quality crayon. I like chalk pastels, but the way they smudge can really frustrate students. I’d like to have an occasional alternative.

Indian Corn Hanging Sunflowers from This Cosy Life

I love these Indian corn sunflowers. The center is made from kernels and the petals from the husks.


Walnut Shell Boats from Inspirations for the Home

There are few things that attract children more than things that float on water. On the (sadly) few occasions when it rains enough for puddles to form, the first thing that my students do is build boats. These cute little walnut shell boats are a triple threat: craft, decoration and toy!

Thanksgiving Cornucopia from Fave Crafts

The cornucopia is an oft forgotten Thanksgiving symbol, but I remember them fondly from my childhood. I have vivid memories of learning how to draw the horn-shaped basket. This particular art project is Mixed Media, with the cornucopia itself made of of brown construction paper and painted paper.

Pinecone Turkey Centerpieces from Marla Meredith

Of all the Thanksgiving crafts, the turkey is my least favorite. I’m not sure if it’s because they’re so overdone or because, honestly, they’re pretty unattractive creatures. I like this pinecone one because of that extraordinary doily tail. Except for the eyes, I’m not crazy about the eyes, but I’ll figure something else out.

Paper Bag Tepees from Art with Mr. Giannetto

This tepee art project is fun because it comes with the meanings behind each of the symbols. Students can personalize their tepees with messages based on Native American pictograms. Plus, how cute are they?

No matter what you decorate with, I hope everyone has a wonderful break! See you back at school on November 30!


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