Tools for School: Art Supplies

Tools for School

I love doing art projects with my students! True, they already have Art Specialists (which they love!), but I can’t help throw in an extra project from time to time. Here’s a round up of my favorite classroom art supplies–plus one I wish I had room for!

Color Mixing Wheel

I got this Montessori Color Mixing work from a Montessori conference, but we recently purchased a few from Great Extensions for our Ojai Day project. Visually stunning, it gives the students a concrete experience with color-mixing. Using only three liquid watercolors (red, yellow and blue), one can make twelve different, eye-pleasingly vibrant colors.

Armada Paper Shapers from Blick

Fancy-edge scissors make almost any project special. We use them all the time to give our projects a sophisticated edge. Er…pun intended?

Paper Scrapers from Montessori Services

I highly recommend these scrapers for adding texture to your painted paper projects. They’re easy to use and, even better, easy to clean. I also cut and use the many styrofoam meat trays I’ve washed and saved and I don’t throw away extra pen caps when I find them! They make excellent texture tools!

Stockmar Modeling Beeswax, 12 Assorted Sheets

Although I do have modeling clay in my classroom, I prefer the Stockmar Modeling Beeswax. It’s a superior product because the colors don’t mix as easily. It takes a little extra TLC to use it because you have to warm it with your hands first, but it was a big hit during “free art” time.

Art Books

Great art books! It’s inspiring for students to learn about famous artists and their work. It’s especially fun to see picture book illustrators recreate the masters–it shows students that it’s okay to copy sometimes. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

Best Art Tools Ever

The best art tools ever, according to my students, are: scissors, tape, staples and blank paper. Give them these four items and see their creativity shine. And say hello to paper scraps in your Parent File. Enjoy!

Lakeshore Double-Space Mobile Drying Rack

One art tool I wish I had? A drying rack! There’s never enough space to lay out those still-wet watercolors or the painted paper we made for our Starry Night Pumpkins. I like that this one is tall (so many shelves!) and has wheels (I can move it around my classroom!).

What are your favorite art supplies?


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