6 More Fall Art Ideas That Inspire

Fall Art Projects

Yesterday was the first day of Autumn! While it doesn’t exactly feel like the harvest season here in Southern California, I’m definitely ready to celebrate cooler weather. Maybe if we do enough Fall art projects, it will call forth some blustery winds? Well…here’s hoping!

Mondrian Spider Webs by Art: Expression of Imagination

You may or may not know that I’m a Mondrian fan. For Student Showcase last year, my students did a combination Art History/Math/Grammar/Art Project based upon Mondrian’s visually striking, primary-colored pieces. It’s no wonder, then, that this Mondrian Spider Web project caught my eye. Er, no pun intended…

Leaf Relief by Cassie Stephens: In the Art Room

I love the aged, burnished look of these leaf rubbings. The bronze ones look like brass plaques, but this project is made with mat paper, aluminum foil, cheap black spray paint and steel wool.

Fall Leaf Batik from Small Hands, Big Art

I don’t need to explain the beauty of these, do I? MSO students just did batik flags for International Day of Peace, and how fun would it be to follow those up with fall leaf flags? I like how the glue resist separates the warm and the cool colors in the leaves. Another striking visual contrast.

Oil Pastel Resist Halloween Art from A Faithful Attempt

I like how this pumpkin project reminds me of woodcut paintings. The process is a bit like something I’ve done to make my own scratch off paper. It’s a bit labor intensive, but in my opinion, the final product is worth it.

Haunted Silhouettes from Sandra’s Savvy Teaching Tips

Haunted Houses go hand in hand for the Fall season. What I like about this project is the deviation from all the warm colors that dominate Fall art projects. Don’t get me wrong! Those reds and oranges are some of my favorite colors–but it’s nice to know you can evoke the season using a hue from the other side of the color wheel. Also, this project experiments with an important piece of art–tints and shades!

Mosaic Paper Acorn from Crafts by Amanda

I’d love to mosaic with my students, and I like that this art project is slightly less labor intensive than actual ceramic and grout version. The creator used finger-painted paper cut into pieces. I’d use painted paper, and I bet it would be fun to lay out a bunch of these like stepping stones.

Happy Fall everyone! I hope to see some cooler weather soon. But even if we don’t, we’ve got our annual Boccali’s Pumpkin Patch Field Trip coming up in October. If that doesn’t get us into the season, nothing will!


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