Mixed Bag Fundraiser: Money for Books

It’s my ongoing goal to build my classroom library. After all, writers don’t stop writing. Wonderful new books are written and published all the time and are just waiting to enrich our lives. To that end, every year I like to chair a fundraiser to raise money for new books for the classroom. This week, MSO begins an old/new fundraiser, one that has been popular in the past:

Mixed Bag Designs was founded in 2008 by two mothers living in the San Francisco Bay Area who had a lot of experience with fundraising for their children’s schools. They had realized that most of the products out there for school fundraisers weren’t really useful in our day-to-day lives. How much frozen cookie dough and candles can one person really need? [They] felt that if [they] could offer something that people would actually use, it would in turn help raise fundraising profits.

Today I thought I’d show you some of what Mixed Bag Designs has to offer. I’ll start with a few items I have from Mixed Bag:

The Double Trunk Bin

This collapsible bin makes trunk cleaning a snap. I love it because it keeps the random assortment of items in my trunk in one well-defined, transferable place. When it’s time to get the car cleaned, I simply remove the bin and replace it later–no muss, no fuss. (I also know a couple of people who have the Car Trash Tote that attaches to the back of a seat. Maybe I should get one this time around!)

The Drug Store Bag

Smaller than the grocery bag, the Drug Store Bag is a great hold-all for those in-between times. It’s wide enough to fit papers and a few binders or a couple of books, and yet small enough to carry a couple of lunch containers without taking up all the fridge space.

Insulate Zip Lunch Tote

This lunch tote is my day-to-day lunch bag. I love it. It’s just the right size to fit a large glass container plus a few accessories. It cleans easily and the handle is sturdy and woven. It’s described as insulated, but since I always refrigerate my lunch, I don’t worry about the fact that the insulation feels pretty thin. If I had one complaint, it would be that this is strictly a girl’s lunch tote–it doesn’t come in the “boy” patterns.

Here are few new items that look fun:

Grater Set

I have a grater set similar to this, but I like this one for two reasons: one, the interchangeable blades come with handles and two, the incline undoubtedly makes using them easier.

Foldable Grocery Bag Set

Mixed Bag’s “thing” has been the woven polypropylene bags shown above, but I was glad to see that they’re now also making the foldable style bags that fit in your purse. Sometimes shopping comes upon you unexpectedly. I love being able to provide my own bag whenever I can.

Mixed Bag Designs has lots of other items, just waiting for your perusal. Catalogs will be going home this week, so watch your child’s parent file! If you’d like to shop online–or you have friends or family willing to support the school, visit the Mixed Bag site and don’t forget to enter the school’s fundraiser ID:


Thank you for your support!


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