Room 3 (Jenny’s) Classroom Wishlist

Classroom Wishlist

All teachers have wishlists, so when it was suggested that I post some of my colleagues’ (and not just my own), I jumped at the chance. It’s not just an opportunity to peek into the needs of each classroom, but it’s a fun way to learn about awesome new materials.

Check out Jenny’s wishlist. She’s got a rambunctious group of toddlers just ready for a multitude of activities. Jenny’s list provides a glimpse into the daily life of a two-year old at MSO.

 ~~All wishlist items are linked through the images~~

From Lakeshore:

Bright Giant Washable 5-Color Ink Set

These giant inkpads are sometimes used for little hands and feet. I’ve seen it!

Clean Sand–25lb box

Sand is always a big hit!

Feels Real Newborn Dolls Complete Set

If you’ve never seen a baby playing with a baby…well, it’s just about the cutest thing ever.

Washable Liquid Watercolors

Liquid watercolors are a very forgiving medium. These would be fun to try.

Best-Buy Large Crayons 12-Color Box

Enough crayons for the entire year!

From Amazon

Wood Designs Sand and Water Table with Lid

From Montessori Services:

Watering Plants Activity

I love this activity–and it’s not just for toddlers. I have something similar in my room. The students love using the little spray bottle to polish the leaves until they shine.

Flower Arranging Activity

Flower arranging is a pretty classic Montessori Practical Life activity. I love this little set-up, complete with apron and doily. Time to get fancy!

Plastic Tray Assortment

Trays! Montessori teachers always, always, always need trays!

Jenny says that most things from Montessori Services are on her wishlist and I second that! Their showroom is in Northern California and I love visiting. So, I’m doing Jenny the favor of adding a Montessori Services gift certificate to her wishlist:



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