6 Spring Art Ideas

Spring Art Projects

Spring is a delightful season, bringing as they say, plenty of new growth. If I were to make a list of adjectives for this season, you’d see words like green, new, tender, budding, dewy. Sadly, spring in Southern California is blink-and-you’ll-miss-it season. Even more distressing–the drought of the past few years means this year’s spring was over practically before it began.

Drought is tough for many reasons, but this year it hit me particularly hard because I was inspired to press flowers for art and writing projects. The more I looked for flowers, the scarcer they seemed to be, and the more I noticed the grass was already turning to brown (and it’s barely April!). I’ll admit I’ve spent some time sulking about it, but this morning I awoke with new determination–to make my own spring. Spring Art, that is!

I’ve done bubble art with tiles before, but I’ll be honest, it hadn’t occurred to me to try it with your basic acrylic-paint-and-paper. I love how these “flowers” look, though, with each individual petal the result of a colorful bubble. And I think the leaves would be fun to create with painted paper!

Georgia O’Keefe Flower Bowls from The Crayon Lab

Our lack of a proper kiln at Montessori is the only thing that’s kept me from experimenting with clay projects. These sweet little hand-formed flower bowls would be forever keepsakes, don’t you think?

Patty at Deep Space Sparkle always has excellent ideas. I like this floral art project because it’s simple, but useful–and pretty! The idea is to teach the students how to make a radial flower starting from a point in the middle. It’s easy and quick and if you’re lucky, you may never get asked how to draw a flower again!

Stained Glass Spring Flowers from Ninth Street East

I love window art! Anything that catches the light is pleasing to my eye.

Corn Syrup Flower Paintings from eighteen25

The addition of corn syrup makes this flower painting glossy. Really, you could do any subject using this special kind of paint. There isn’t anything special about the flowers here, but the shiny, wet quality of the corn syrup brings to mind April Showers.


One of my current favorite concepts is collaborative art pieces and the vase of flowers you see here is a shining example. My idea is to have my students use the “Roll a Wild Flower” activity from Expressive Monkey (examples on the right) to draw their flowers, cut them in roundish, flowery shapes and “put” them in a vase. Et voila, collaborative art! Although, to be honest, I do love oil pastels!

What are you doing to celebrate spring? Please share!

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