6 Creative Writing Ideas

Writing Activities

I love writing–and teaching it is one of my particular passions–so I’m always on the lookout for new lesson plans. In particular, I enjoy finding ideas that show my students just how fun writing can be. Here are some exciting activities from the web’s teaching community:

Scene of the Crime Writing from Second Grade Nest

My students would love it if I set up a stuffed animal crime scene in the classroom. The challenge, of course, would be for them to come up with a What Happened scenario that didn’t involve violence. No weapons and no violence are already established classroom writing rules, so they’d really have to get creative to come up with an explanation!

Fierce Wonderings from Amelia’s Notebook from WritingFix

This writing activity uses author Marissa Moss’ Amelia’s Notebook as a mentor text. Amelia’s Notebook is a novel told in annotated text–short paragraphs with pictures and notes in the margins. It’s a cute and expressive form of story-telling that students would have a blast mimicking.

I’d love to set up an Independent Writing Center in the classroom. I have lots of these bits and pieces around the classroom, but not in one dedicated writing space. In particular, I love the different kinds of writing samples that are on display in the images above.

Whole Class Journals

Whole class journals would be so much fun! I’ve done group writing activities, but it would be nice to have journals always available in the classroom for the students to add to or read. Here are a few examples of whole class journals being implemented:

T-Shirt Book Reports from Polka-Dotty Place

How cute are these? I love the idea of these wearable book reports–and they’re so much more fun than a regular one!

Interactive Venn Diagram from Clever Classroom Blog

Venn Diagrams are a great concrete way to organize your thoughts before writing a compare and contrast paragraph. This interactive Venn Diagram with objects and a pair of hula hoops is visual and tactile. I can see my students going to town on this one–and the lesson sticking with them for a long time after.

What are your favorite writing activities? Do you remember any from your school days? Do you have a foolproof lesson in your toolbox already? Please share!


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