Announcing MSO Book Week!


In October of 2014, I was privileged to attend the National Bioneers Conference in San Rafael, California. It was my first time attending, but the 25th anniversary of the conference. What’s Bioneers? I’ll let them tell you:

Bioneers is an innovative nonprofit educational organization that highlights breakthrough solutions for restoring people and planet.

At this point, you’re probably wondering if you’ve accidentally wandered into the wrong post. Bear with me, though, because there is a connection! I went to¬†Bioneers expecting to learn and be immersed in a community that cares about the environment and sustainability. What I didn’t expect was to be struck by another concept:


There were many leaders at Bioneers. They were young, old, male, female, from all different races and belief systems. It was diverse group with one important thing in common: passion for a cause. Throughout the Bioneers conference, I was inspired by the leadership that surrounded me, but completely lost as to how I could help to make a difference. That’s probably why one speaker in ¬†particular stuck out for me–Chloe Maxmin. Chloe’s speech was brief, but it had a¬†message so important to me that I carried it all the way home. It was this:

Connect with your deepest motivation.

I gave this piece of advice a lot of consideration. I wanted to¬†make a contribution to the world. However, when I¬†thought about what I had learned, seen, and discussed at Bioneers, I realized that, while the environment and sustainability are important to me, they¬†didn’t relate to my deepest motivation. My motivation and my passion lay elsewhere–with teaching and, in particular, with books and reading. Once I realized that,¬†an idea began to form. The idea became:

MSO Book Week

What is MSO Book Week? It’s a week to celebrate books, reading and children’s literacy. During the week of April 20-24, the entire school will be participating in a series of activities designed to get the community excited about reading. Here’s¬†smattering¬†of possible events:

MSO Book Week Ideas

Clockwise from top left: A mystery reader, Lego Diorama, Classroom door book cover, Blankets and books breakfast.

  • Community Story Time
  • Dress like a Character From a Book Day
  • An author visit
  • A Read-a-Thon
  • Mystery readers (Parents, friends and family volunteer to “surprise” the class with by stopping in to read a book.)

I’m really looking forward to organizing this event. If you’d like to volunteer to help out, to be a Mystery Reader or to participate in some other way, please email me at


Comments are appreciated and desired, so thanks for leaving one!

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