Field Trip: Art from Scrap

Art from Scrap

This week, Rooms 8 and 9 (the Upper Elementary and Middle School classrooms) took a field trip to nearby Santa Barbara to visit Art from Scrap. Art from Scrap is a facility that takes in thousands of pounds of reusable materials that would normally be sent to the landfill and repurposes it for low-cost art and theatre projects.

Art from Scrap is actually a part of Explore Ecology, an organization that “delivers a variety of environmental programs to enhance the understanding of the connections between people and their environment, and to encourage creative thinking through hands-on science education and art discovery” (Explore Ecology website). Our visit to Art from Scrap was part educational and part fun, part part about recycling and part about art. It began with a tour of the Art for Scrap store, where we saw bins full of goodies that definitely impressed the kids:

Art from Scrap Goodies

After our tour of the store, we headed upstairs for a little discussion on the three R’s. Our host, Jill, did a wonderful job explaining about alternatives to throwing trash in the landfill (reusing, recycling and composting).

Recycling Demonstration

We also got to see art made by local artists, using pieces from Art from Scrap. This was great, as it gave the students (and teachers!) a chance to get some inspiration before beginning art projects of their own:

Local Artists from ScrapFinally, at long last, the students were let loose on some bin of scrap. They could not have been more excited. What ensued was a frenzy. They went wild. They had as much fun–nay, more–fun than you can possibly imagine. Then they got creating:

Kids' Creations

All in all, it was a great field trip. Highly recommended!


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