Fall Fundraiser for Books: Tupperware and Equal Exchange

Raise Money for Books for Room 8!

I’m pleased to announce a fundraiser that is near and dear to my heart. I’m a teacher on a mission (well, several missions, actually), but this particular mission is to build my classroom library! To that end, I’m helping to run the Montessori School of Ojai’s Fall Fundraisers. We’re teaming up with two businesses (one with chocolate and one with pink pretties!) in an effort to raise money for our school. I’ve already earmarked my share of funds for new books for the classroom and I can’t wait to sit down with my students and make a shopping list!

Take a look:

Fundraiser One:

Equal Exchange
equal exchange

Equal exchange is offering all kinds of goodies (all Fair Trade!) range from coffee to chocolate to tea to jewelry. Check your parent file in your child’s classroom or click on the image above to see the fundraising catalog.

Fundraiser Two:


An additional 10% of the proceeds is being donated by MSO parent Lisa Baltchelder-Hetrick.

Again, the fundraising catalog was sent home in the parent files last week, but if you’d like to purchase something online to support MSO (and help buy books for my classroom!), follow these directions:

  1. Visit Lisa’s Tupperware Website
  2. Click on the FIND A PARTY button near the bottom of the page. It’s hot pink–you can’t miss it!
  3. At the top of the next page, click on FIND A FUNDRAISER.
  4. The next page will have a listing of fundraisers by state. Click on the listing for California.
  5. The listings are in alphabetical order, so navigate the pages until you reach the one called “MSO Fundraiser.” That’s us!

I’ll leave you with a few words on Classroom Libraries and why they’re important:

  • The greater the variety of books available to the children, the more likely they are to read.
  • A wide range of books in varying reading levels is not just helpful in a classroom library, but requirement. Especially in a Montessori classroom!
  • Books are great for everything! From math and language, history and geography, art and cultural subjects. I use them all the time when I’m lesson planning, doing art projects or leading a council.
  • Even classics need replacing. I’ll never get my students to read Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing if it looks like this:

I seriously have this 1972 edition in my classroom.

  • But this edition might stand a chance:

Bright colors! Big text! A turtle!


So get shopping!

Check out my ever-expanding Classroom Library Wishlist on Amazon



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