Recent Absence Explained and New Materials

Parent-Teacher Conference by Amos Sewell

I wanted to apologize for my recent absence and assure you that I’ve had good reason! We’ve been having Parent-Teacher Conference Week at our school and, to be honest, it took over my life for a bit. It was great to sit down with parents and discuss each of my students, but there’s can’t be any shame in admitting to relief now that the week is over, can there? I’m looking forward to getting back to curriculum planning, material-creating, blogging and, well, normal life. I’ve also got some exciting plans in the works for the spring, so keep an eye out for those, too.

In the meantime, here are a few new materials that have caught my eye. I spotted these babies on Montessori n’ Such and I’m all set to buy them. They’re simple, easy-to-read instructional cards for Practical Life and Art activities. I’ll be honest…I was sold when I saw that they had instructions for how to wash dishes. We’re having dish-washing issues in the room!

On My Own: Practical Life & Art Step-by-Step Cards from Montessori n’ Such

My other current passion in the classroom is encouraging the students to work on their research skills. I was given the Research Guide Collection from Montessori for Everyone by a parent (thanks, Roxanne!) and the students have been using them. I love them, but a parent mentioned a another research card that her son used as his previous Montessori school that really intrigued me. While I wait to find out the exact name of the material, I’ve already started looking at Montessori research materials (again!) and I found these:

The Geography and History Research Cards from Montessori123 are meant to be guide student reports, which is where I’m ultimately headed with the mini-researches we’ve been working on in-class. There are also two sets of Animal Research cards that can be used for animal reports.

The History Question Charts are meant to be used when teaching the Fundamental Needs of Humans, which I am doing right now. I can make these lovelies myself. I bought the Cultural Social Science Binders from Montessori Made Manageable this year, so I have worksheets with a Vertical Study of the Fundamental Needs of a given civilization, but I like the way the charts help organize the information into blocks. Plus, I’m all about index cards!

Finally, I’m excited about the new extension offered by Mobile Montessori. They’ve just begun to create worksheets to go with their Geography apps. It’s simple retrieve and record research skills so far, but I love the idea for those students who need practice with that most basic of research skills. Here’s hoping they keep expanding their offerings.

See you soon for another classroom profile!


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