Boccali’s Pumpkin Patch Field Trip!

First of all:

What better way to kick off Halloween than with some glorious pictures of our annual all-school visit to Boccali’s Pumpkin Patch. The day was bright and glorious and, as usual, the children had a terrific time running around the maze and the corn fields, taking a hay ride, and picking out their own, personal pumpkin to take home.

Pumpkin Patch 2

From the top left, to the right:

  • Glorious pumpkins, the ostensible “reason” for our visit: (Overheard, from one pumpkin to another, “Is she getting my best side?”
  • Running in the hay maze: (Overheard, one kid to another: “We’ll never make it out.”
  • Taking a hay ride is fun for all ages!

Pumpkin Patch 3

From the top left, to the right:

  • Pretending to be zombies for the hay-riders (They got lessons from Stan).
  • More pumpkins (and a real-life tractor you can sit on!)
  • An abandoned house that can only be part of Boccali’s famous nighttime Haunted Hayrides
  • More daytime hay riders

Pumpkin Patch 4

From the top left, to the right:

  • “Whoa! I can’t believe what I just saw!”
  • Pumpkins at the dinner table
  • “No, sir, we don’t know anything about this graveyard, sir.”
  • Can you ask for more fallishness than pumpkins and cornstalks?

Pumpkin Patch 1

From the top left, to the right:

  • Oh, the horror!
  • Who let that three year old drive the tractor?
  • A devil, a witch and black cat went for a hay ride…
  • “These pumpkins feel just like my water bed at home.”

Have a safe, happy holiday, everyone! Parents, try not to eat too much of your children’s candy!


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