6 Fall Art Ideas That Inspire

Fall Art Projects

I love fall. Sadly, I live in Southern California, a part of the world that is a trifle seasonally challenged. That doesn’t stop me from celebrating autumn. And since I especially enjoy the colors of fall, art projects are my favorite way to do this. Here’s a small sampling of some particularly inspiring Fall Art Projects:

Leafy Butterflies from Art Projects for Kids

Colorful leaves can be hard to find here in Ojai, but I’d love any chance to feature their incredible beauty. This project reminds me of the book Look What I Did with a Leaf! by Morteza E. Sohi. You don’t have to make butterflies with your leaves–check out Sohi’s book for additional inspiration.

Klimt Watercolor Trees from Art Projects for Kids

Bare-leafed trees are more of a winter project, maybe, but the colors make this a fall project for me. I did this with the Middle School class a few years ago. We used black Sharpies and liquid watercolor. The effect was simple, but lovely.

Starlight Pumpkin Art Lesson from Deep Space Sparkle

Pumpkins are the quintessential symbol of fall, so they can’t be left out of any projects for this season. I love Patty’s painted paper projects. I’ve done the Starlight Pumpkin art project with my students and it’s awfully fun and visually striking!

Andrew Goldsworthy Autumn Leaf Project

I lovelovelove Nature Art, especially Andrew Goldsworthy.

Fall Woodland Mural from Small Hands, Big Art

If only our school had a chalkboard wall! It would be so fun to have ongoing, seasonal communal murals.

Stained Glass with Autumn Leaves

As I mentioned, fall leaves are hard to come by in Ojai. Maybe that’s why I’m in such a tizzy to work with them. Laminating leaves is a wonderful way to both preserve and display their brilliant color.

Tomorrow we have our annual Boccali’s Pumpkin Patch Field Trip, so we’re off to celebrate the fall season in style. What gets you excited for this time of year?


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