Classroom Harvest Moon Projects 2014!

Join us!

All the classrooms, from the Big Side to the Little have been hard at work on their Harvest Moon Live Auction Projects. Harvest Moon is our biggest fundraiser of the year, but it’s also a time to showcase the students’ work. This year, we’ve all outdone ourselves! So I decided to send treat everyone to an advanced glimpse at some of the beautiful projects the students helped to make this year:

Room 1:

Look At Me Adirondack Chair

Room 1 Harvest Moon

Room 1 students drew self-portraits, which were then transferred onto the beautiful wooden Adirondack chair you see above. Additional decorations were lovingly added by parent (and grandparent!) volunteers.

Room 2:

One-of-a-Kind Quilt

Room 2 Harvest Moon

Handprints never fail to appeal, and Room 2’s inspired the quilt pictured above. Both colorful and cozy, this quilt would be a lovely addition to any bed.

Room 3:

Handprint Batik Quilt

Room 3 Harvest Moon

As I said–handprints are always delightful. Room 3’s headed in a tropical direction, however, with exotic batik fabrics and bright, splashy colors. Plus, those cute little hands!

Room 4:

Peacock Coffee Table

Room 4 Harvest Moon

You might have some competition for me on this one, since I love peacocks! Also, Room 4 is the Infant room, so their foot and handprints are the cutest of all. And congratulations to Jeannette on her first ever Harvest Moon project! It’s gorgeous!

Room 6:

Houses and Trees Bookshelf

Room 6 Harvest Moon

Room 6 is painting houses and trees on the sides of a handsome wooden bookshelf. Each student designed his or her own house using inset shapes and then painted a tree from one of the four seasons of the year as part of the classroom’s unit on seasons. In addition to the shelf, this auction item will also come with a starter library. You should see the books piling up, just waiting to go home with someone!

Room 8:

 Arabic Tile Fire Pit

Room 8 Harvest Moon

Room 8 has been using geometric shapes to create Arabic-inspired tiles for a fire pit surround. We’ve been looking at tiles on the internet and in books and practicing making tiles using the insets. When it was finally time to do the real work on the real tile, the kids were so excited!

Room 9:

Floral Dining Set

Room 9 Harvest MoonRoom 9 students have been hard at work plying their needles, embroidering flowers on table runners, napkin rings and wine glass markers. They’ve been incredibly focused and all their work has definitely paid off.

If you haven’t already stopped by your child’s classroom to see their Harvest Moon project, I suggest you do so by Friday. You’ll have a chance at the event, but there are few things more delightful than seeing the joy on the children’s faces when they show their parent’s these special, collaborative projects.



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