Classroom Wishlist

Classroom Wishlist

My eyes are always bigger than my budget. I’ve been taught to think of my classroom as my second home. I certainly spend enough time in it for it to qualify. However, I don’t think there would ever be enough time or energy to satisfy my needs. With school just beginning, budgets and school supplies have been on my mind a lot. I’m always adding to my wish list. Here’s just a smattering of the school-related  goodies that have caught my eye:

Art Posters from Deep Space Sparkle.

Deep Space Sparkle! I love this website! I get a lot of art project ideas from just looking at Patty’s Pinterest page. I’m delighted with the Art Posters that she’s created. Some day I’ll break down, buy ’em, print ’em and laminate them forever and ever.

3″ Visual Timer from Time Timer

These visual timers were recommended to a parent who works as an education specialist. I like them a lot, but at $30, a pop, I can’t afford multiple timers for the classroom. Eventually, I’m sure I’ll get one or two.

Conceptual Collage

Clockwise, from top left: Millions Numeral Cards, More Fractions Operations, Inequalities, Decimal Numeral Cards.

Conceptual Learning Materials is a company I discovered at an AMS conference. I’ve been adding to my collection bit by bit. I haven’t decided what to buy this year. I usually wait to see what I think will benefit my students the most before making my decision. However, the Millions Numeral Cards and the Decimals Numeral Cards are already definite.

Research Guides from Montessori for Everyone

At the conference that I went to this past school year, one of the workshops I went to talked a lot about the importance of research in Upper Elementary classrooms. Therefore, I’m making research a priority. I’ve been aware of Montessori for Everyone for quite some time, and I’ll probably snap these up for the classroom.

Fundamental Needs of People Chart

I came across this poster from ETC Montessori while researching the Fundamental Needs of Human Beings (or People) on Pinterest. In the past I’ve created a bulletin board with my students and I may do that again, but it would be nice to have a sample that I can pull out for lessons. And this is so clear and pretty!

Sentence Analysis Material

Also from ETC Montessori, this Sentence Analysis Material looks great. I especially love the command cards.

From Reading Manipulatives

I’ve only recently discovered Reading Manipulatives on Teachers Pay Teachers and I love this company! It’s the language counterpart to Conceptual Learning Materials that I’ve always been looking looking for! I bought the prefixes and suffixes material and I’d like the Paragraph Sequencing and Main Idea manipulative shown above, along with an outlining work they’ve also got listed.

As I said, my eyes are bigger than my budget!

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